Where is Headquarters of West Central Railway (WCR) in India


Jabalpur is the Zonal headquarters of West Central Railway and it is part of Madhya Pradesh some time many people called Jabalpur Main Station Inside the Jabalpur City there is more station like Madan Mahal Railway Station and Howbagh Railway Station.


Madan Mahal Railway Station and Jabalpur Railway Station both are the related to the broad gauge railway track but in Howbagh Railway Station have narrow gauge railway track. It is situated on Gorakhpur, Jabalpur


But now a day in Howbagh Railway Station there is no single train is start to go anywhere because this narrow gauge railway track converts into a broad gauge railway track.


Jabalpur Junction is main station to catch any train and go anywhere.


There is Two more Division in West Central Railway including Jabalpur.

  1. Bhopal
  2. Kota